World Elder Abuse Awareness Day June 15

New campaign for World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

A new campaign to raise awareness about elder abuse encourages concerned friends, neighbours, and whānau to call the Elder Abuse Response Service.

This World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (June 15) we are launching a new awareness campaign featuring case studies of less understood and more subtle forms of abuse – like financial and psychological abuse.

“We want to break down some of the misconceptions out there that might prevent people from speaking out about elder abuse” says Diane Turner, Director of the Office for Seniors.

“Depictions of Elder Abuse in the media don’t reflect the most common types of abuse. It often gets confused with online scams and rip-offs”.

The new campaign aims to generate conversations and get people thinking about what elder abuse looks like.

“I often speak to people who are concerned for someone they know, because things they are seeing just don’t feel right. They just need someone to talk to about their concerns” Diane says.

“We know from past work that publicity successfully generates increased calls to the helpline. It can give people the confidence to take that first step”.

This year’s campaign will run throughout June including advertising across radio, print, and social media.

If you are concerned about elder abuse call the free helpline 0800 32 668 65, text 5032 or email

Click here to read the Minister for Seniors' Press Release