Evaluation resources for providers

We developed the Essential Digital Skills/Literacy Evaluation Framework to help evaluate and improve the effectiveness and quality of digital literacy training programmes for seniors.

The framework can be downloaded and adapted by anyone who provides digital literacy training to the needs of your participants. 

About the evaluation framework

The framework is available for anyone to use. Our two contracted providers have adopted the evaluation framework for their digital literacy training programmes, and we have also shared the framework with government agencies, businesses, and digital literacy training providers.

The framework has been recognised and adopted by government agencies, and organisations:

The evaluation framework is based on:

  • the UK’s Essential Digital Skills Framework
  • the Department of Internal Affairs’ Digital Inclusion Blueprint Outcomes Framework.

We have adapted these frameworks to fit what’s important and relevant for older people. We will continue to update and build on the framework to keep up with changes in technology. 


Download the evaluation framework

You can use the:

  • pre-training self-assessment to help participants identify the digital skills they want to learn
  • post-training self-assessment to see if participants have learned and can use their new skills, as well as to gain feedback about their experience of the training and the trainers or facilitators.

If you would like a Word document of the framework, or to give us feedback or let us know if you use the framework, contact us.


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