Step 3.3 – Make a monitoring plan

It is important to include a monitoring component in your plan so you can keep an eye on how your work is tracking over time.

What you should monitor

A good monitoring programme assesses:

  • the progress of the project, and
  • the process taken to get there.

Make sure to file all relevant documentation for future reference throughout all stages of your work.

Ways to structure a monitoring framework

There are many ways to structure a monitoring framework. For example:

  • Hamilton City has established a separate steering group to oversee the implementation of their plan
  • Banyule City Council in Victoria, Australia, has engaged older people to monitor actions and has Think Tanks or Age Friendly Ambassadors who assist with ensuring their age friendly actions are being met.

When engaging with Māori and/or other ethnic groups, ensure they have a strong voice in developing the monitoring and evaluation components of the project. This will enable differing worldviews to inform a shared vision of success.

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