Creating an age friendly business programme

An age friendly business or service aims to create an environment that is accessible and provides a customer service experience that is inclusive and respectful. It offers products and services that meet the needs of all of its customers and clients irrespective of age, life stage and ability.

How we can help

We provide advice, resources and support, to develop age friendly business programmes. 

For help developing an age friendly business programme in your community, city or town contact us.


The Gore District have established New Zealand’s first Age Friendly Business programme, that recognises businesses and organisations in their area that are aspiring to be an age friendly business.

As a part of their programme resources were developed, designed to be used by other regions and communities to establish their own age friendly business programme. These resources were developed collaboratively by Gore district’s Ready for Living programme, local businesses and its older community members and was facilitated by Partners in Change with support from the Office for Seniors.


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