Digital Inclusion Action Group for Older People

The Office for Seniors have been working with digital training providers to enhance partnership opportunities and explore ways to improve digital inclusion for older people.

The following providers have signed an agreement with us to work collaboratively to increase the reach, impact, quality and consistency of digital literacy training programmes for older people. 

We officially launched the Digital Inclusion Action Group for Older People during Techweek 2022. 

Network members include:

Senior Net (The Federation of New Zealand SeniorNet Societies)

SeniorNet run workshops and tailored presentations across New Zealand supporting 8,500 older adults to learn about the opportunities of technology and how it can be used to improve their everyday lives.

SeniorNet website

Digital Inclusion Alliance Aotearoa (DIAA) 

DIAA engage with 350 delivery partners throughout New Zealand, bringing together local communities, not-for-profits, businesses, researchers, government agencies and individuals working to enhance digital inclusion. The delivery network includes public libraries and community organisations.

DIAA website 

20/20 Trust 

20/20 Trust partner with local communities to deliver digital inclusion programmes that provide learners with access, skills, confidence, and motivation. 20/20 Trust are currently working with over 30 partners to provide digital literacy programmes for Māori, Pasifika, Seniors and Refugees.

20/20 Trust website 

Moana Connect

Under the DIGIFALE programme, young people (navigators) have been teaching their elders, basic skills, and confidence to use mobile phones. An understanding of the value of family and the church as a vital support system was foundational to how this programme approached digital inclusion. DIGIFALE is currently working with Pacific churches in Auckland, Wellington, and Dunedin. Each church has a membership of 50-200 people.

Digifale link

Age Concern New Zealand

Age Concern New Zealand is a charity dedicated to people over 65, their friends, and whanau with a network of 30 local Age Concerns operating in 40 locations across Aotearoa. They run education workshops for groups and individuals on using digital devices and services, this also provides a space to talk about ways to stay safe online. Anyone can call for support on 0800 65 2 105.

 Age Concern New Zealand website

Age Concern Auckland, Asian Services

The Asian Service Team is currently focusing on supporting digitally excluded Chinese, Korean, and Japanese older people in the Auckland region. They also have a team of volunteers who can provide ongoing one to one support to improve digital literacy.

Age Concern Auckland, Asian Services website

Terms of Reference

You can read the groups Terms of Reference here

If you would like to know more about the group or are interested in joining contact us at

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