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Older Workers Employment Action Plan – Release of Consultation Draft

Hon Dr Ayesha Verrall, Minister for Seniors

These documents have been proactively released.

22 September 2021, Older Workers Employment Action Plan – Release of Consultation Draft

22 September 2021, Cabinet Social Wellbeing Committee Minute SWC-21-MIN-0135, Cabinet Office

27 September 2021, Cabinet Minute CAB-21-MIN-0384, Cabinet Office.

The Older Workers Employment Action Plan (OWEAP) is one of seven Action Plans that support the Government’s Employment Strategy. It is important that the OWEAP is reviewed by key stakeholders who are older workers, advocates for older workers or are knowledgeable in the labour market issues facing older workers. Therefore, these papers requested that Cabinet approve a draft of the Plan to be publicly released for consultation. 

Some parts of this information release would not be appropriate to release and, if requested, would be withheld under the Official Information Act 1982 (the Act). Where this is the case, the relevant sections of the Act that would apply have been identified. Where information has been withheld, no public interest has been identified that would outweigh the reasons for withholding it. This is the key to the redaction codes used for this release:

  • Section 9(2)(h) - this information is legally privileged
  • Out of scope – material unrelated to the information released.

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